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Re: When a blessing becomes a curse

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999 21:32:40 -0800, "ALEX PASTOR" <alexp@idirect.com>

> I was figuratively patting myself on the back last week for my serendipitous
> great good fortune in having somehow inadvertently introduced Malaysian
> trumpet snails into one of my planted tanks.(That sentence reads like
> something Lilith would have said to Frazier if she would have an aquarium)
> ... Then I read that these snails eat apisto eggs at night while the mother
> fish sleeps...ARGHHHHH!!!

that's extremely odd... i have had both pond and trumpet trumpet snails 
in with apistos and kribs. never noticed any "carnage". spawns have 
always been of normally reported size. i even keep a few large "mystery"
in my larger tanks. i've seen the fry pick at the snail's shell when it
cruises through the swarm.

where did you read this?

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