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I've got baby blue rams!

Hi all,

As you could have guessed my blue rams spawned and now there is a cloud
of fry. I wanted to thank everyone for the info on using peat. I feel
this is why I have fry now. These guys spawned once before but the eggs
just did not develop properly. After a
50 % water change with water that was filtered through peat,  bingo! The
only down side to all this is there were actually two pairs in this 20
gallon long and when I deceided to rescue the pair that was in the
conrer hiding, I found out why they were in the corner, only after I had
moved them. Not because the other pair was harrassing them but because
they also had a clutch of eggs in a pit in the corner. Oh well, you know
what they say, "A bird in the hand......."

Thanks again everyone

(Austin) Tim

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