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Re: Apistogramma arua

>Marco wrote:
>>P.S. I would like to know in which magazine/scientific journal the
>>description has been published.
>Mike asked this question to the Cichlid list and this is the response he
>"Published in: Aqua; Journal of Ichthyology and Aquatic
>Biology 3 (2): 45-54, according to:
Citation is correct, I have a copy.  Fish collected in small igarape' near
Arua in the lower course of the Rio Arua.  According to the article fish
has been available under the names A. sp. "Arua" and Arua-Apistogramma.  In
fact some of material studied was aquarium bred and studied.  Authors state
these names were used in Stawikoswki (sic) 1997 and Seidel 1997.  Authors
are Romer and Frank Warzel.  Fish is described as distantly related to
"both the A. cacatuoides group and the A. trifasciata assemblage."  Males
can be distinguished by "a forked tail; extrememly elongate dorsal spine
membranes (2) 3 to 5 (7); a broad longitudinal band extending onto the base
of the caudal fin; large round spots on this band, coinciding with the
positions of the 3rd and 4th vertical bars; (depending on the mood) a
wedge-shaped , caudally tapering, spot in the centre of the anterior half
of the flank beneath the longitudinal band, and three rows of spots of
upright half-moon shape ....Females have a rounded caudal fin, weakly
elongated dorsal membranes 2 and 3, and a bold lateral spot coinciding with
the position of the 3rd vertical bar, with an additional, somewhat fainter,
spot on the 4th bar."

If anyone is interested I can rehash more.  The article has several photos,
the best being a photo of a live adult male in shock coloration while in a
human palm.  There are four additional photos on back cover.  A friend of
mine subscribes and passes the mag on to me.

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