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> Does anyone know know if it is normal for M. altispinosa to excavate
> two inch deep nests- I have a pair that finally spawned after about
> two years-I had given up on  them and started buying  Apistos about a
> year ago(the reason why I am on the list now)- These fish are quite
> the diggers- my plant tank looks like it went through a miniature
> Blitzkrieg.
Cory, this is very normal for the M. altispinosa. They are not cave
spawners but open pit spawners. Mine also took 2 years before ready for
spawning. I no longer have any since I sold the last of the 4th
generation a couple months ago. The biggest thing I found out about
spawning them is they do not like bright light over their tank. At least
this has been my experience with keeping and breeding them.

I hope this helps.



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