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Re: Snail infestation

If you are persistent and patient, you can pick them out yourself.  I've
been doing this for the past two months on a guppy tank.  I don't have
problems with any cichlid tanks because the fish eat the snail spawns, or at
least most of them.

I started with hundreds of snails in that tank, and now a couple of times a
week I take out about 20 to 30 tiny ones.  There are no large ones left.  So
the 2 to 3 mm ones are too young (I hope) to be fertile.  I guess I've got a
few more of these 'expeditions' to do and that'll be it.  They were eating
holes in my hygrophila polysperma and my miniature amazon swordplants.

I don't bother with chemicals and I don't want to go out of my way to
purchase a fish that will eat the snails in that tank, because it'll eat all
the guppies too.

G. Kadar

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