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Re: a while back...

Dr. kadar writes:

> the subject of camallanus worms came up.  According to some people's
>  postings, they claim that all of their fish, suspected of being clean,
>  caught the worms from new fish that were infested.
>  I've been reading a textbook:  The Foundations of Parasitology, during the
>  past few days.........<snip>..........  Capillaria are a different ugly 
altogether.  They >live in the intestines ..........<snip>.............I'm 
waiting for another textbook to get >the drugs and dosages, because there are 
only the drugs listed for humans:
....<snip>..........There is an article in the July edition of FAMA on Thorny 
Headed >worms.  Quite frustratingly, the author did not mention any 
medication that can be
>  used to treat this parasite. (Hence my search for more 
>  Apparently Mebendazole is successful at eradicating this parasite, but
>  again, I will be doing more research.  The reference book authored by 
>  Noga, listed by the author in his bibliography, is maddeningly out of print
>  despite the fact that it was published in 1996. <snip>

This redearch by the lovely Dr. G. would be invaluable to the rest of us when 
finished.  Perhaps we could get her to author an article for the ApistoGram 
when finished.  How about a poll [read: email lobby effort] of those in favor.

Bob Dixon  

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