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aquarium equipt for sale

I am moving and need to clear out the garage.  All the following are for sale.
Buyer pays
shipping from Olympia, WA.

Kati & Ani Ion exchangers - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/kati.jpg
water softeners - great for apistos.
rechargable resion filters.  includes instructions.                      $75.00
Will throw in set of valves that I made for recharging without disconnecting
from system.

Fishroom Airpump - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/blower.jpg
Lots of air for your fishroom - I was running 40+ 20gal tanks with air to spare.

this will blow your socks off!

kordon aquarium chemicals - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/chem.jpg
unopened 16 OZ bottles of AmQuel & Novaqua                       $5.00

Tap Water Test Kit - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/kit.jpg
    barely used water test kit.  tests for PH, chlorine, ammonia and
hardness     $3.00

set of three test kits - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/kits.jpg
   barely used test kits - hardness, PH,
Chlorine                                                $2.00

brine shrimp strainers - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/strain.jpg
two sets of strainers.  various size
mesh                                                            $2.00 each

tetra air pump -
http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/strain.jpg                                  $4.00

air valves - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/valves.jpg
34 airvalves - 3/8" for screwing into manifold to control individual tanks.
also includes assortment of airhose 'L' & 'T'
fittings                                          $15.00

Marineland magnum filter - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/magnum.jpg
with hanger, spare filters, diatom powder,
hoses.                                                $25.00

tetra brilliant filters - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/filter.jpg
12 used foam
$2.00 each

grab bag of parts - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/grab.jpg
thermometers, hygrometer, heater, hose connectors.
etc                                      $5.00

digital heater system - http://www.scubaboy.com/fish/heater.jpg
Ceramic room heater with digital thermostat.  will keep fishroom
nice and

Contact  richg@scubaboy.com for more info.
for small items I can ship via partial post or priority mail (preferred).
larger/heavier items I can give a UPS quote given your zip code.

rich garrett
(360) 455-1259

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