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Re: Römer's Dwarf Cichlid Book

Mike Evans wrote:

> Is anybody out there planning a large or small order of this book in
> German. I would love to have a copy.
> Mike Evans


I know the ASG will be selling the English edition as soon as it's available, but
not the German one.

Any competent book store can get you a copy of the German edition if they are
willing to try. This is the information you'll need to give them:

Title: Cichliden Atlas, Band 1: Naturgeschichte der Zwergbuntbarsche Südamerikas
Author: Dr. Uwe Römer
Publisher: Mergus Verlag GmbH, Postfach 86, D-49302 Melle, Germany
ISBN: 3-88244-082-1

If you can't find a book store willing to do it, and are enterprising enough, you
might also be able to order your own copy from the publisher along with the Baensch
Atlases that are only available in German right now. Contact them at:
mergus@t-online.de and check out their web page at:
http://www.mergus.com/Cichlid.htm. Write in English and they'll reply in English.

Mike Wise

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