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Re: Protein skimmers (was: box filter)

In a message dated 8/2/1999 5:11:16 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
fraulels@minet.ca writes:

> I've seen one freshwater skimmer design working beautifully at a local
>  importer's. They are very effective, but what I've seen is for larger
>  systems. They're sold by Biotope in Canada. They'll give you the bucket
>  of scum of your dreams. They are being used there for heavy loads,
>  discus, etc. They are cool things, but that's as far as my spectator's
>  product review can go.
>  -Gary Elson

Sounds ideal for grow-out tanks.  Any idea who the actual manufacturer is, 
model name, etc.?  Maybe next time you're there you can get the details?  If 
i hook three tanks together, and set a siphon level between them, I can make 
the "larger system" thing happen.

Bob Dixon

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