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Re: Moving fry

Title: RE: Moving fry
Rearing fry requires moving them into larger tanks as growth rate increases.  For example my Altispinosa fry I rescue from the seven foot community tank I initially house them in a small 12"x8"x8" tank with sponge filtration, feeding newly hatched brine shrimp and microworm culture, small water changes daily.  At approximately 3 weeks they are able to eat crushed quality flake and it is normally at this stage I move them into a larger tank 24x12x12 then finally into a 39x24x16 tall tank.  Depending on the number of young you are rearing will depend on how many can be maintained in the tank and for how long.  Water changes must be carried out at least alternate days to attain good growth.
I would like to add here that my Altispinosa fry are the only cichlid fry that I have removed from the parents at such a young age, as I stated before if I do not intervene the fry would be eaten by the community occupants.
My Apistogramma fry as a rule remain with the parents as long as possible, anything from 3 weeks to 7 weeks and then transferred into a 24x12x12 tank.  (My breeding apistos are housed in "species" tanks.)
Finally I would consider Altispinosa to require a larger tank to rear as they are more active than apistos. 
Now that you have experienced the wonders of cichlids breeding you will be obsessed forever!


   Does the same hold true for my fish (which are a yet-to-be ID'ed Apistogramma, we think it might be Rio Mamore)? I imagine so, huh - Altispinosa are about the same size as Apistos, but do they have the same space requirements relative to their growth?

   I guess I'm going to have to look for a new tank soon. Just gotta figure out where to put it. (And how to convince my wife I'm not getting obsessed with my fish.)