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Re: spawning?

Dr. kadar, in a very well reasoned proposal, points out:

<snip>>  Hence, normal behaviour cannot possibly be observed in our
>  aquaria.  Recreating a natural biotope may require a tank that is 6 feet by
>  6 feet and only 6 inches deep filled with leaf litter and several apistos -
>  and ideally minus their usual predators including birds.  Not feasable in
>  most homes.<<snip>

All of what Gabriella says is sound.  This particular point, however, is 
worth thinking about.  Perhaps someone can keep this in the back of his/her 
mind.  This would make a good project for anything from a sixth-grade science 
project to a thesis.  Observations of a big, shallow tank full of fish and 
leaves would be rather informative.  A plastic wading pool would work, if we 
could actually see what was going on.  A large, flat glass tank would be 
feasible, but it would take up a huge footprint.

Bob Dixon

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