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Re: spawning? now photography

Thanks Scott,
I have my opticians prescription for my glasses somewhere ( if I can 'see'
it)  I'll check this out and then get the eye-piece thingie from Jessops or
the like.  I have of course tried wearing my glasses when photographing my
fish but they steam-up in the fish house and I can't see a thing!

>Helen Burns wrote:
>....my eyesight has deteriorated...
>Helen you should be able to get diopter corrective lenses for you Nikon,
>they clip in the back. These work for short & long sighted, from memory
>are for about +3 to -3 diopters in 1 diopter steps, most of the Glasgow
>dealers should be able to order them. As for what strength you need, check
>with an optician for what the strength of lens you have for your viewing
Scot Gillespie <

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