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Re: Floor load capacities

Don Barry writes:

> I am in the process of building a tank stand out of 4 x 4's for the 30 gal
>  and the 20 gal long.  I'll bring those two tanks to work.  Right now they
>  are on one of those wrought iron stands.  The other tanks, 2 20 gals and 2
>  10 gals, are on wrought iron stands, but they are each sitting on a sheet 
>  plywood. 
>  I wish I didn't have to do this. 

Five hundred pounds spread out over three feet will not be so bad.  Placed 
against a wall perpendicular to the floor joists, it should cut across at 
least three beams, and that means only 167 pounds per beam.  I put more 
pressure on a single beam every time I stand with my feet together.  I don't 
know of anyone who ever went through a sound floor.

Bob Dixon

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