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Old Pharts

G. Kadar says,,

>Mike, oddly enough I've found the same to be true with my cacatoides. I've
>got one that I call my ol' southern gent. He's a grizzly ol' coot with
>googly eyes and a huge mouth, but he's got his ways. Never makes any
>bigtime showing off, no tail-flapping, no aggression, just gently follows
>the ladies around a bit, and gets the message. If they are not ready to
>spawn, he backs off, if they are, well.....let the spawning begin. Nice to
>see a fish who understands that "no means no".
>G. Kadar

This is so funny. I have some of these old guys, and that's exactly what
I have noticed. I never said anything about it though, cos, I thought
I was just spending too much time staring at my fish, and was starting
to give them human traits. These Cacatuoides are all over 2 1/2  inches
and just kinda cruise around all mellow. They never chase anyone.  They all
have these huge lippy lips, and wide mouths. They also all have these
punk rock crests that are almost a silver blue colour in the right light.
When they are at this age, they definately are the most beautiful of all. 
Huge lyrate tails, solid fire red, and beautiful fire dorsal fins too.

The younger males, all run around hyper all the time, whapping females with
their tails and the females run from them. But the older guys always seem to
have the females stay close to them. They never chase them, and seem much
gentle, and patient with them (read here,, much too much time watching
And when the females are receptive and all bright yellow, it's always the 
old guys, that get to go into the pots with them.



I am so pathetically addicted to these fish!!


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