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Re: Stores in Montreal


Hi Don

I live in Montreal.

The best fish store`s right now in Montreal,  is Pet Nature (Pointe Claire)
6361 Trans Canada                                           http://www.naturepet.com/english.htm
2347 Jean Talon east
Tel: 721-1949

What type of fishes are you looking for???

I do have  Agassizii Alenquer blue/yellow ,Borelli, Cacatuoides triple reds, Nijsseni, Panduro & Pelvicachromis subocellatus for sale


 Hello AllYou did so well in finding stores in Michigan, I'd like to pick the collective brain myself. I'll be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for a few days next month, and if I get time, I'll be looking for a local fish store. Any ideas? Take CareDon