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RE: Traveling fish

If I'm moving fish any distance or time I use one of those plastic insulated
picnic hamper/coolers. Before adding the fish (in bags) I will acclimatise
the inside of the hamper/cooler to a temperature a degree or so above that
which the fish are used to for an hour or so using mixed water.
The fish are then bagged and added to the hamper/cooler. and they are padded
out with additional empty bags of water at their normal temp, and a
thermometer is added.
The extra bagged water acts to stabilise the temperature (the more water at
the desired temperature, the less it will fluctuate). 
Every few hours I would check the temp (yes I am paranoid), and if it is
fluctuating outside of a couple of degrees, the empty water bags can be
refilled with compensated temperature water. 
If I was moving the fish for more than six hours I would change the air in
the fish bags, Or get them oxygen filled at the start.
I would expect the same philosophy could be applied to styro boxes.

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