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Apisto I.D. Help

A few months ago I ordered a box of Apistos from Florida through a LFS.
This retailer in Fla. specializes in surprise Apistos, as none of the
species offered coincide with the species he ships.  Among 4 bags with
about 100 fish (mostly juveniles), I separated 3 distinct individuals that
I havenīt been able to identify.  
I went through Roemerīs Key several times, but I always end up at a species
description that has at least one different diagnostic feature.
The general shape resembles the illustration of the Parallel-striped
Apistogramma in Linke & Staeck, with no elongated spines or fin membranes.
All three animals show two clear abdominal stripes, a continuous black
lateral line and no tail spot.  The caudal fin is rounded, transparent and
has no color pattern or edge.  They have a single lateral spot.  Color
pattern and body shape of both sexes is quite similar, except for the black
anterior edge of the ventral fins of the females.  The ground color is a
dirty chrome yellow.  Transversal bars are not noticeable, just a series of
diffuse dorsal blotches.  The male is also slightly larger (45 mm) than the
females (40 mm).
In shock coloration the abdominal stripes intensify, the lateral band
becomes gray and the dorsal area a mottled brownish-gray.
Iīm sure I have at least a pair, as I found a batch of 25 orange eggs stuck
to the glass of the quarantine tank, which unfortunately dissapeared the
next day.  
The trio is probably less than a year old, so I presume that they just may
slip through the taxonomic key, as they havenīt developed all their
characteristic features.  Iīd appreciate any hints on what they might be,
or what other characteristics to look for to I.D. them.



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