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Re: Peatmoss to lower pH in breeding tanks

jason@norac.ca wrote:
> Hello every one, I'm alurking coming out of the closet, looking for some
> help.  I am looking for any help on how to either make my own black water
> extract or how to use peatmoss, in the tank to lower the pH.  Any and all
> help would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> "See you at the top!"
> Jason "Primer" Clark

There are many ways of doing this. I'm lazy, so I take a lot of garden
peat, of a local brand I know from experimentation doesn't have
additives, and let it sink to the bottom of an unused 30 gallon. The
tank is 18 inches high, and at least six inches is water saturated peat.
It takes a couple of weeks to get the peat to the bottom, but then I get
six months of water treatment. I use about 15 gall a week, drawn off the
top. An airstone keeps the water 'sweet'. 
It gives me a stock of nice brown water in which I've spawned a variety
of killies, plus D maculatus, A aggassizii and cacatuoides.
A good old fashioned corner bubble filter filled with peat will
sometimes work to trigger spawns, although it does little to my water.
It's scarily low-tech, but with water changes, it works for me.

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