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Re: Peat and Substrate for growout tanks

Cory writes:

> A question to those who use peat moss- how often do you change it?

That's going to vary with your water.  Harder water will need more peat more 
often.  Change it when it isn't giving you the same results it was a few 
water changes ago.

> A second 
> question- barebottomed or sand for substrate in growout tanks? Detailed 
> comments and suggestions appreciated. 

I've given up on power filters, canister filters, and al the other high-tech 
super-nifty stuff.  It is high-buck, high-maintenance, pain-in-the butt 
stuff.  So I'm back to sponge filters and UGFs.  In grow-out tanks, I use 
either a bare tank with a sponge, or gravel over a UGF.  The python will do a 
nice job of keeping it clean.  In spawning tanks, I am using reptile sand and 
a sponge filter.  The females like to move the sand around.  I'm using 
reptile sand because it is what I can find in dark colors locally.

Bob Dixon

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