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Re: Peat and Substrate for growout tanks

Mike Jacobs writes:

> Bingo Bob............how dark is that reptile sand and will it affect the pH
>  at all?  Great idea! Expensive??? or just like any other sand?  Brand
>  names.....or should we on the list???

It is black, epoxy-coated, very fine aquarium gravel.  It is the size of 
coarse sand and is available wherever fine desert lizards are sold.  It is 
neutral chemically because of the epoxy coating.  Be careful.  There are some 
reptile sands that are pure CaCO3, and these will dissolve with all the 
expected side effects.  Read the labels.  It is about the same price per 
five-pound bag as aquarium gravel, but it has a much lower volume because of 
the grain size.  15 lbs works well in a ten-gallon tank, a 15-long will need 
a little over 20 lbs.  It seems to also work well as a substrate for some 
varieties of Cryptocorynes, and the fish-pooh will quickly provide the basis 
for a good dutch-style plant tank.  It is also safe for Corydoras barbels.

Another option is silicon carbide.  It is cheaper if you can find it locally, 
but I would have to ship it in 50 lbs at a time from Chicago to Boise, as I 
haven't found a closer source.  It is sold as a sand-blasting substrate, and 
is also black and chemically neutral.  It's the same stuff that is used on 
most sandpaper.

Bob Dixon

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