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Need information

I've tried to send this before, but apparently it didn't go through.  Try 

Help, I've been caught.  After asking the program coordinator of my local 
aquarium society for a speaker on dwarf cichlids for the umpteenth time, he 
said "why don't YOU DO IT???" (emphasis his).

Um, okay.

So here's my problem.  I don't have slides of Apistos or other dwarfs.  
However, since a number of you are cross-hobbyists (photos of fish), would 
anyone like to donate the use of their web-posted or other photos to the 
cause?  I'd of course need positively identified (or reasonably sure ID's) 
photos 'cause I'm not the best at ID'ing.

Alternatively, if anyone has already been down this road and would like to 
rent / lend their slides to me, let me know.

If this is too far off-topic, email me off list.

Carl Berry (the pasta-flogged lurker) 

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