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Re: green fire tetras

>My question is a bit out of place- I am considering adding a 5-6 "green
>tetras" to my nijsenni tank as dithers. Has anyone heard of this tetra-
>other common and scientific names. I am trying to establish how compatible
>they are with the current setup for the nijsenni.
>Cory Williamson

Hi Cory,

The alternative name for these fish is Rathbun's Bloodfins and the latin
name is Aphyocharax rathbuni.  They are very active tetras and spawn every
morning when the sun hits their tank.  We started out with 7 and now there
are over 24.  The tank has 18 Cardinal tetras, 6 pygmy corys, two algae
eaters and a few borelliis.  So you can imagine how prolific they are.  I'm
sure if they would be in a species tank, we'd have hundreds of them by now.
(The tank is jungly, so there are lots of places for the fry to hide.)  It's
only a 40 gallon flat, so water changes are done every other day.  (Oh yes,
there are a few 'algae eating shrimp' in there too.)

As to whether they would make good dither fish, I have my doubts.  They
occupy all levels of the tank and would drive apistos crazy.  At full grown
they are about the same size as a medium large borellii female.

Hope this helps.

Gabriella Kadar

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