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Re: speakers


Hi, my sorter screwed up so I just got this message today.  It got sorted
into the apito box because of Mikes email address, I will try to get the
sorter changed.

It has been great to talk to you about this stuff, and hear more of what
is going on. 
On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Jeff Magnus wrote:

> I will see what we can do about a second speaker, but I don't know 
> when it should be done.  Also, if we have 2 speakers, what would 
> prevent other study groups from doing the same?  Eventually, it 
> would cut into the ACA's slotted time for their speakers.  I don;t 
> think they would like it too much!  I have thought of having a ASG 
> regional meeting- somewhere that oour membership was stronf 
> enought o pull it off.  Then we could attract a host of speakers and 
> perhaps other study groups- something that the ACA would not 
> participate in.  The local club could assist as well.  Your thoughts?

I agree, it would not be cool for all the study groups to get two
speakers, it would definitely not work.  Kurt will be great on the westies
(and perhaps we can entice him back in the hobby)

I am not sure about a convention outside of ACA, might step on toes,
finding a good locale would be hard....I think we may be "stuck" with the
ACA, not that I mind it.  Doing vacation is very hard for Erik and I, it
would be horrible to have to choose between going to the ACA convention or
an ASG convention....the ASG would win every time.

Now in New Orleans, Uwe gave two talks, a study group talk and a general
one.  It was nice to be able to have two.  The bummer was, I couldn't find
out what was when and drove down thurs pm, and missed Uwe's talk, I would
have taken an extra day off for that.

Another option, is the ACA talk....really work on getting good apisto
speakers, at a reasonable time (ie Sat during the day) not Friday at
midnight....probably not an easy task.  And then do some special ASG
functions at the convention.  Have a room open for apisto chat, talk,
gathering or etc one night, just so we can all mingle.  We sort of do that
around the talk, but not a welcome open house thing, it was fragmented in
St Louis, it would be really nice to talk to people and get to know them.
We need more cohesiveness as a group, I think, and of course as ever
aquarium society in the country right now is needed....more participation
(from reading the exchanges).

You and Lisa (and Mike/Julio etc) have done a lot to bring the ASG back.
I had to fight to even hear about it in '96....still took years to hear
more....then there was the "Pond Scum" that faded as well (I think mostly
west coast apisto newsletter/etc)/

Some people I think are still alittle hesitant to come up and talk, or get
involved, a little intimated by the "big guys"....ie you, Mike, etc.  I
had some people come up and introduce myself and I found a few myself, but
there were a lot more people at the talks.  Make people feel like they
belong and have a stake in something and they will fight for it more...

Just some ideas and rambling....comment freely.....

If you do an ASG convention, I will help out where I can, and be there
unless I am stuck running the ICU or something...they wouldn't let me go
(I am in residency, for internal medicine, aka slave labor in the

I think best goal, aim for cool speaker next year....advertise on the
apisto list....do signed books like Mike said for an extra fee from Uwe or
Ingo....and then offer them to the apisto list....I don't know what the
membership is on the list, but it has got to be high....

...on the other note....ask the committed members...a questionaire...if
they would contribute 10-20 towards bringing out a cool speaker.  Or like
I said, 20 really committed members to pay 50 each to cover airfare, and
then the rest is covered by ACA (ie room or whatever they do).  My time is
precious to me (even more than money which says a lot with my student
loans), and hearing a good speaker would be worth the 50, and definitely
provide more incentive to make darn sure I was there.  I am looking
forward to this years ACA as well....

...on another note, I didn't go to Detroit this year, and was shocked to
see an apisto took Best of Show, awesome, is there a picture of this fish