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Re: Female Agassizii Rio Tefe 2

>>My female A. agassizii Rio Tefe 2 develop a small fungal infection near
>>… I`m treating her with  Maroxy and feeding her only Tetra Anti-Bacteria

I know this is bizarre and I can't explain it, but I had a female borellii
with the same kind of thing around the eyes.  Fuzzy fungusy growth.  She was
progressively getting worse and I thought she was going to die.  I  scooped
her out of the tank with my hand.   Then I put her into a cup of tank water
that had a little Bromoseltzer in it for about 10 seconds.  She _did_ not
appreciate the bath.  But within three days, the white stuff went away, she
regained her former energy and appetite and lived for another 6 months,
dying at the ripe old apisto age of about 2.2 years.  I have absolutely no
idea what the bromo did.  The fact that she survived the treatment and did
in fact die of old age seems to indicate that it must have done some good.
I know that there are other people on this list who will totally disagree
with what I did.  Please don't flame me because I disagree with myself.
I've been left to wonder why.  I don't even know why I thought of putting
her in the stuff either.  Just did it.  And no I'm not a sadist by nature.

Dr. G. (Gabi) Kadar
Toronto, Canada

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