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Re: Female Agassizii Rio Tefe 2

> Apisto agassizii Rio Tefe 2 is way to rare&  expensive to put in
>Plus it took me over 2 years to find one

I totally agree with you.  I'm sorry that your fish is not well.  The only
thing I have found that consistently keeps fish healthy is large water
changes on a regular basis.  Keep the nitrates and phosphates absolutely as
low as possible.  A lot of times, these poor wee creatures have been through
so much stress from shipping etc. that their immune systems are shot.  I
rarely lose fish due to disease.  But then, I change at least 50 percent of
the water per tank per week  and all the tanks are heavily planted.  This
borellii was a 'one off' sort of case.  I don't think it was just blind luck
that the treatment worked.  But why, is a mystery.  Maybe in a way it's like
a salt bath with lots of alkali.  I have no idea.  It doesn't kill the fish
though, if you don't leave it in there too long.  That's at least a plus.
Good luck

Gabi Kadar

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