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Re: Background

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Thornley, Reid wrote:

> Hello,
> An aquarium shop employee suggested that I sign up with the AGA mailing list
> and I have done so but I am a little hazy on exactly what the AGA is and
> what its members do.  I am an experienced aquarist who is setting up a small
> planted tank and I'm having trouble locating some plant species.  I am also
> very interested in expanding my knowledge of aquatic plants and I'm hoping
> the AGA can help on both counts.  My questions are:
> 1.	Where is the AGA headquarters and is there a meeting that occurs in
> London, Ontario, Canada?

You must have an old membership packet.  London, Ontario is the location
of our former membership secretary Dorothy Reimer (who is still here, just
not doing membership now).  There isn't really a "headquarters" any more
than any other aquarium society -- the members communicate entirely
through e-mail, phone and mail.  Our website is
http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org and contains much of the info you seek.

Interestingly, we ARE having a meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee this
November (hence the prior e-mail about cheap plane fares).  This will
feature several speakers (including Takashi Amano), a banquet, a business
meeting, and an aquarium tour.

Other things the AGA does include a quarterly Journal, an Aquascaping
Contest (online), and unusual plant book sales.

> 2.	How do I go about purchasing/trading plants with other members?

This forum is as good as any.  You could post what you have to trade (or
want) in an e-mail here.  But beware the list is literally only one week
old, so we're all just getting our feet wet.

> 3.	What is involved in a membership and how do I go about getting one

Go to the website.  There's a membership form you send with $12.

Hope this helps,

  - Erik
    AGA steering committee chair & techno-geek

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com