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An aquarium shop employee suggested that I sign up with the AGA mailing list
and I have done so but I am a little hazy on exactly what the AGA is and
what its members do.  I am an experienced aquarist who is setting up a small
planted tank and I'm having trouble locating some plant species.  I am also
very interested in expanding my knowledge of aquatic plants and I'm hoping
the AGA can help on both counts.  My questions are:

1.	Where is the AGA headquarters and is there a meeting that occurs in
London, Ontario, Canada?
2.	How do I go about purchasing/trading plants with other members?
3.	What is involved in a membership and how do I go about getting one

I know these are very fundamental (boring) questions for somebody to answer
but any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much.

C. Reid Thornley
Sales Representative
Trojan Technologies Inc.