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Pets Warehouse Suit: AGA Position

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 Dgrim62@cs.com wrote on the APD:

> Hi everyone,
> Since many subscribers to this list are members of the AGA (myself included) 
> and will be at the Fall Conference in Chattanooga this November, maybe we can 
> do something there to help raise money for the Defense Fund.

Hi guys,

Putting on my AGA Steering Committee hat for a moment... there have been
several posts on the APD and elsewhere regarding the AGA and the Novak
suit defense fund.  The AGA steering committee deliberated over whether to
take an official stance on this about a month ago. Irregardless of how we
feel as individuals in the case, it was decided that it would be
inappropriate for the AGA as an organization to take an official stance on
this issue.

Thus, the article in _The Aquatic Gardener_ will be informational
reporting, there is no link to the defense (or Pets Warehouse, for that
matter) on our website, and most likely we could not have any official
activities at the convention.

  - Erik Olson
    AGA Steering Committee Chair

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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