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OK, taking OFF my AGA steering committee hat, and putting on my AGA
Contest wrangler hat:

Today is August 16th.  There is exactly ONE month left to get your entries
in to this year's Aquascaping Contest: September 15th is the deadline.

If you haven't heard of this, go visit our website right now and look at
last year's results and read how YOU can enter:

This year's contest will be judged by a panel of international experts:
Karl Schoeler (USA), Wim van Dronglen (Netherlands/USA), Jeff Kropp (USA),
and Pim Wilhelm (Netherlands).  There will also be awards and prizes for
aquascapes that place 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Each entry costs $5, and you can enter up to three aquaria.  You can enter
online through the website, or you can print out the entry blank and mail
it (with your prints, slides or negatives) through postal mail--- It's
that simple!

The winners will be announced simultaneously on the Internet and at the
AGA Conference November.

The contest website again: http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org
The general AGA website is http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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