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Re: Amano at the convention and "the moss"

Steve and James asked about video tapes of the conference:

Last year we discussed the idea of selling video tapes of the convention,
and the committee made he decision not to because we didn't want to take
away from people attending the convention itself.  I think that when the
convention is big enough and on solid enough financial footing that we can
revisit this issue.  For those who are not aware of it, ALL of the speakers
last year not only donated their time, but also paid their own way to the
convention.  The convention did a little better than break even based on
that, and as a first time event, we all felt that it was a terrific success.

I'll pass it on to the Steering Committee that members have brought the
issue of selling video tapes up again...but I can't promise what the result
will be.  In the mean time, the more people who decide to come and enjoy the
event in person (and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!) and the more
people who participate in the auction, both by bringing plants AND by
bidding on them, the better chance we have of making these conventions a
permanent, self-sustaining annual event.


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