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Re: Amano at the convention and "the moss"


> Last year we discussed the idea of selling video tapes of the convention,
> and the committee made he decision not to because we didn't want to take
> away from people attending the convention itself.

Granted, you don't wish to do anything to detract from the enjoyment of
those attending the conference, but the AGA is an organization with an
international membership - how many members who live a very long distance
from Chattanooga, Tennessee will be able to make it? How are _they_ being
served by what is in effect a regional get together in Tennessee? Not
everyone can afford the costs that will be associated with going that far
for a weekend.

I would hope that the Steering Committee of the AGA would do everything in
their power to see that as many members as possible could benefit from its
activities, not merely those close enough or financially capable of being in
Chattanooga in person.

I fully understand the "volunteer" basis of the organization, and I know
only too well that nothing gets done without _someone_ volunteering to do
it, but perhaps the membership could be polled, via this mailing list or via
the APD to see if there is an AGA member who does intend to be there, and
who might be interested in taping some or all of the lectures? I don't think
that anyone expects a "Hollywood" style tape, but a VHS tape of the lectures
would be invaluable to a lot of members and non-members alike. The AGA
Steering Committee itself doesn't have to be the ones doing the taping or
selling/distributing the tapes, although it would be a natural extension of
the AGA Bookstore.

I think that the _fact_ that the organization has been able to do a
Conference is a wonderful thing and I hope that this year's event is even
better than last year's. Being there will be far more rewarding than any
tape could be. But the organizers should be open to every possibility to
maximize the potential benefit that this Conference can bring to every AGA

Just a few thoughts.....

James Purchase

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