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Re: Algae

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From: "Fernando Plata" <fernando.plata@oracle.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 9:19 AM
Subject: Algae

> first of all let me take the time to take the owners of the list and the
> parties that made this possible, Its so hard to find any valuable
> information about the subject. I am glad and thankful that people are
> the time to fill this gaps for beginners like my self.
> Here is my problem, I have a newly planted aquarium (110 gal) a have 2
> compact lights of 55 watts each and two 175 watts Metal H 5500k. I use
> fluorite and a ehiem 2028 canister filter and a power head, my temperature
> is about 79 F to 80 F. I use one of those home made co2 systems using
> and yeast in to the intake of the filter. I have a 6" pleco 6 Chinese
> eaters some small redhorn snails some ghost shrimp and a couple schools of
> tetras and an upside down catfish. I add cycle to the tank as well as some
> leaf grow and trace elements. I have had the tank planted for about 1
> my water was crystal clear until about 3 days ago when it turned a little
> gray and I noticed some of that long stringy algae growing from some of my
> plants. I cut some of the light, I stop feeding the fish and stop adding
> chemicals to the water. Is there any algae killer that I can use that will
> not harm my plants and fish? what should I do to combat this problem. my
> is constant at about 6.8 I also had some brown like algae on the glass of
> aquarium. I thank you in advanced for your help.
> Best regards,
> Fernando

You have a tremendous amount of light, which puts a much higher demand on
the system for nutrients. Here is what I would do:

A) get rid of the PCs
B) get rid of the DIY CO2 and invest in a pressurized CO2 system. You need a
constant, reliable CO2 level
C) stop using Cycle
D) if your powerhead is set at or above the water surface, it will make your
CO2 level even more irradic
E) get rid of the Chinese algae eaters...nasty fish
F) keep an eye on the plecos, they are like lawn mowers to plants
G) dont know what kind of plants you have, but you should be breaking the
tank in with lots of fast growing plants

Robert Paul Hudson

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