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Re: PC vs The Truth ?

> Dan was making a private joke to me, and I mistankingly posted it to the
> group...my apologies

I read what you posted as being a comment to the list in general regarding
the PC vs The Truth message posted by someone using firemouth@softhome.net
as an email address. He (or she) may have an opinion, but he (or she)
obviously doesn't have the courage to admit to it with their real name.
People who can't (or won't) use their real names in a forum such as this
aren't worth worrying about (at least I don't worry about them).

I didn't see you post anything that would be considered "private" between
you and Dan Resler.

> There was some truth in this whole thing, this list is dead! The only
> activity comes when there is some sort of flame or argument.

The list might not see much activity, but this recent "flurry" was prompted
by a _real_ question posted by Erik which concerned a matter of interest to
AGA members (at least to those who will be at the Conference next month).
His question definately didn't deserve the kind of reception it got from
Bruce, and it is beyond me how he managed to bring in the gender of the list
moderator - I fail to see how that matters.

Now, as to the "silliness or uselessness" of this (or any other) list, may I
suggest that anyone thinking that go look in a mirror.

Any discussion list is only as active/interesting/useful as the participants
wish to make it. What do the individuals involved bring to the table to
discuss? I just ran a search of the APD archives using
"firemouth@softhome.net" (the last "flamer") as a search term, and came up
empty. The closest is one message from someone called
"renegade@softhome.net". I don't know if they are the same account/person,
but it doesn't look like the individual has ever made much of a contribution
to _any_ discussions on the APD. I don't have an email address for "Bruce"
(the original flamer) so I can't say how much of a contribution he has ever
made to aquarium related discussions (but I'm sure that Erik could tell).
Where does a "lurker" who never makes _any_ contribution to discussion, get
off decrying the state of health of a discussion group? Do the rest of us
OWE him/her anything???

My point here is that if people want this (or any list) to become something,
start talking! Bring up a plant related question, post a rant or a rave, do
anything but sit on your hands. There are far more lurkers than there are
"doers" on any list, but it just kills me that its usually the lurkers who
bitch and complain the loudest when they aren't getting their daily "fix" of

No one is claiming that either this fourm or the AGA is perfect. But what
are the "complainers" willing to do to make things better? Doing a "hit and
run" attack like Bruce did is juvenile and unlike "firemouth", I'm not
willing to grant someone the "right" to engage in such tactics. This has
absolutely nothing to do with political correctness. The amount of WORK that
folks like Erik Olson and Karen Randall put into this hobby and this
organization should be evident to everyone. They don't deserve to be treated
as dishrags by anyone, especially by someone who just sits back and "takes"
without giving anything back to the hobby.

Bruce and "firmouth" obviously want a more dynamic and informative source of
discussion. I'm sure that a lot of us would welcome more discussion here
related to aquatic plants and or the Aquatic Gardeners Association. Just
leave gender out of it, thats irrelevant.

Since Bruce has left, I'd like to hear from "firemouth" - what aquatic plant
topic would you care to discuss? How can you contribute in a meaningful way
to our enjoyment of the hobby?

James Purchase

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