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PC vs The Truth ?

[ Cc'ed to Bruce ]

> This has to be the most silly and useless mailing group I have ever seen in
> my 50 years of life, does a woman run it?
> bruce

Hello fellow aquarium Hobbyist,

Our friend Bruce seems deem important to transmit to us the following two
points :

    . This list is silly and useless

    . It's state is due to female leadership

Hmmm ... it's seems like a pertinent question for which I do not have a quick

I readily admit that. I have not thought about it and thus I can't pin-point if
such might be the case.

Now, what I don't do, is to insult this person because I'm not sure he's right
or not. And what I won't also do is to witchhunt this man for voicing his free
opinion. What my working brain refuses to do, is to mob-lynch a person because
it had the audacity to put out an opinion that goes against the current
society's PC attitude.

Then, does this list as a discussion medium "sucks" ? Hell yes! It barely has
movement, and when it does it's this kind of Amazon type diatribe. That's
plenty clear to anyone with a brain with eyes attached to it.

Now, is this fault of a female leadership ? Who knows. Probably more testing
would be necessary. Probably a equal period of time under a male and a female

This not being, I can't voice a based opinion. But does the list seem hindered
by a female moderator who seems to fear healthy discussion ? Yes. Have I
noticed the behaviour in other discussion lists in which PC, over-cleanness,
and a force fed-friendship-flowery-no-hurt-feelings-buddies severely created an
ambience that was so sterile that no fruitful discussion would come out of it ?

Most important of all, I must voice out how abhorrent and repulsive I find the
lemmings of the day who proudly brandish their flowery PC sticker and call for
the execution of that poor guy. How low has humanity gone ? Have humans become
so intellectually coward they can't do anything but to follow the current
run-of-the-mill PC trend of the day ? Jeez, grow up intellectually, commit the
sin of having your own thoughts, being a PC lemming is as bad if not worst than
being a woman beater or a chauvinist pig - only that, instead of bullying women
you're bullying an individual who dares to have ideas. How primitive and basic.

God willing this "discussion" list will better itself. I sincerely have no
hope. I do not know if a female is on the birth of this, but that this list
isn't serving aquatic plants discussion but futile and shallow PC flowerish
let's-all-be-friends sterile ambient arguments, yes, it is.

If bringing a man it's what it takes, then for god's sake bring a man, who
cares. Just don't institute a sick hypocrite system where there's a "girl & a
boy" and the "boy" is in charge and the "girl" is there just so everyone can
feel all PC fuzzy inside that a "girl" is there and we're oh so inclusive. And
let us not all be defending the female just for the sake of the PC'ness of
having a female. How sick and distorted is that ?

What should matter is the welfare of the list, and if a man is what it takes,
the by all means grab a man. What a pointless, senseless, Amazon diatribe.

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