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Convention Stories, Pictures and video sought...

Hi folks,

We just got home, it's a little past midnight, we just flipped the switch
on the aquascaping contest site (http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org),
and are about to crash after this incredible weekend.  It was wonderful to
meet so many people in person that I've conversed with electronically,
re-gather with others who I haven't seen in a while, hear a first-rate set
of speakers...stay up till all hours of the morning with people pouring
over the ID of Ludwigia/Alternanthera mystery plants... I would like to
gather some impressions from the attendees for use on the website and TAG.  
So if you were one of the attendees, and you've got a few minutes, e-mail
me back a couple paragraphs about what stood out in your mind this
weekend... doesn't have to be long, even a paragraph is fine.

Second request: If you have pictures, can I borrow your negatives once
you've got your prints?  I promise I will scan them and send them right
back to you.  I shot no still pictures at all this weekend, and would love
to have some for the website & TAG.  Just e-mail me if that would be OK.

Third request:  I think I got in contact with most of the people shooting
video during Mr. Amano's workshop, but if I didn't talk with you and you'd
be willing to lend me your footage long enough to make a copy, I'd surely
appreciate it.  My goal is to merge all the camcorder footages together
into one edited multi-camera show.  And yes, I'll send a copy to anyone
who sends footage.

Oh, and Charlene would like me to mention that any attendees who would
like the list of attendees should e-mail me as well.

Also, I know there's lots of people not on this e-mail list, so if you've
got friends who were at the convention, let em know too.

OK, that's it.  I'm going to bed...

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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