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RE: TAG is restructuring... we want your input

>>and would greatly appreciate your input on
>>what you would like to see from TAG.  

As a new subscriber, I would like to offer the following suggestion:  I
would encourage you to have a "column" that offers "3 Tips" - one each
for the novice, intermediate, and advanced reader.

I would describe myself as a novice who has been keeping aquariums for
almost 30 years, who is just beginning to explore the "intermediate"
boundaries.  I think you need a column that can "touch" on the interests
level of any subscriber - whether they are a novice, intermediate, or
advanced hobbyist.

If you constantly write only for one level of reader, you will loose the
interest (or never capture it to begin with) of the other two.

I think I know how to maintain a well balanced aquarium; my non-planted
55 gallon tank was up from 1983 through 2000 and had never been taken
down or cleaned other than periodic water changes.  Including the
successful inbreeding of multiple generations of the original severum
occupants of the tank.  So while I think I understand basic maintenance
procedures, I am looking to learn more.  But we are all at different

TAG appears to me to be written at a more advanced level, which I think
is wonderful; but to help capture the heart and mind of those of us that
are not there yet, I think a column with a two or three paragraph tip
for those of us at a different level would help bring us along; without
compromising the substance of the journal.

Just my opinion of course <G>!!


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