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Re: TAG is restructuring... we want your input

(sorry if this is a duplicate...the original was sent as html and might not
make it)

> As a new subscriber, I would like to offer the following suggestion:  I
> would encourage you to have a "column" that offers "3 Tips" - one each
> for the novice, intermediate, and advanced reader.

> TAG appears to me to be written at a more advanced level, which I think
> is wonderful; but to help capture the heart and mind of those of us that
> are not there yet, I think a column with a two or three paragraph tip
> for those of us at a different level would help bring us along; without
> compromising the substance of the journal.

I think that it should be kept in mind that articles for TAG have to come
from _somewhere_, there isn't a staff of "writers" busily working away
somewhere. The magazine, like the organization behind it, is only as good or
as active as the efforts put forth from the membership. In my experience,
the management committee is very receptive to input from members, and this
list should give everyone an opportunity to make a contribution.

I am as guilty in this regard as anyone.....I have been promising Mary an
article on growing aquatic plants from seed for months - and actually had it
almost finished.....until my hard drive crashed......and took everything
with it. Oh well.....back to the word processor.

If you want to see something in TAG,  why not sit down and write it? As
members of the AGA, it is our magazine and I'm sure that the editor would
welcome the help and the input. You don't have to be one of the "APD
Experts", everyone can have something valuable and interesting to share.

James Purchase

(please note the NEW email address: jppurchase@rogers.com)

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