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Still looking for aga convention pictures

Hiya AGA folks, 

The holdays are over, and I am starting to work in earnest on this
"Interim TAG" issue today (for those just joining, Karen Randall is our
new TAG editor, but will be starting publication around April... I am
putting together a single issue of TAG covering the convention,
aquascaping contest, various announcements, and articles left over from
the previous editor).
As part of the convention coverage, I got 106 slides from Karen scanned,
and received 4 digital stills from Eric Leung.  But since the AGA is 
really its members, I thought I'd ask:

I was wondering of anyone out there has pictures of the speakers?  We have
tons of Amano, but the other speakers are surprisingly underrepresented.  
In particular, Wim, who gave an excellent talk, seemed kinda dwarfed by
Amano... and the only pictures I have of him is looking on while Amano
puts together the aquascape. 

Hope those articles some of you promised are coming along, and remember,
if you were at the convention, it isn't too late to send me a little
paragraph snippet about something you remember (highlight, lowlight, etc).  
The more voices, the merrier!


   - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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