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TAG job postings

Hi Folks,

I said that after the first of the year, I would start posting specific jobs
on TAG that need to be done.

One of our goals is, if at all possible to turn TAG to a full color
magazine, if not immediately, in the near future.  To reach that goal we
will need to have paid advertisers, and to do that, we need someone who will
handle contacting these advertisers and looking for potential new
advertisers as needed.

Dave Gomberg has been kind enough to give us his advertiser list, and his
blessing to contact these companies.  It's not a huge job, but a very
important one if we are going make TAG the magazine it can be.

The loss of PAM has left a big hole in the hobby, and it is my hope that we
can use the best ideas from PAM and TAG to produce a magazine that truly
meets the needs of aquatic gardeners from beginner to expert.  I want to
publicly thank Dave Gomberg for his support and help in this effort.  Dave
showed us how beautiful a planted aquarium magazine could be.  Now we all
need to pitch in and learn how to make it work as the voice of the AGA.

We have one thing that Dave didn't have, and that is a large number of
members to share the work.  He had to do all the jobs that needed to be done
by himself.  I am hoping that some of you will step forward and share your
talents to make this magazine happen on a sustainable basis.

In the next few days, I will be posting other opportunities for working on
our magazine, but this is, as far as I can see, the most immediately
pressing need.  If you can help with contacting advertisers, please let me
know.  If we have more than one person, that's even better.  There is no
reason that this job can't be handled by a committee.  Many hands make light

Thanks in advance,


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