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TAG job posting

As many of you may already know, I am the new editor of The Aquatic
Gardener.  One of my goals for the magazine (besides turning it into a full
color mag now that we have, unfortunately, lost PAM!) is to institute
several regular columns.

One of the first that I'd like to see is a "best of the APD" column. (that
doesn't have to be the name, but you get the idea)  I have already run this
by our ListMom, and she has given the idea her blessing.

What we need is a volunteer who reads the list regularly to pick out the
best and newest ideas, contact the posters for their permission, and
condense the posts into a form that we can use in the magazine.  You don't
to worry about grammar or spelling if that's not your strong suit... we have
people who are willing and able to edit the material from that perspective.

If you think you'd like to help with this project, please contact me
off-list, as there's no reason to clog up the APD with these messages.

As always, we are looking for good feature length articles too, and I'd love
have some shorter pieces, perhaps showcasing a particular plant species or
aquascaping technique.

I am also hoping to develop a library of plant, planted tank, and
plant-people photos and/or drawings (besides my own and Erik's!) that we can
draw on as needed to illustrate the magazine.  If you have photos, whether
they are slides, prints (we can scan and return them to you) or high res.
digital images that you would be willing to donate to the AGA, you can help
make the magazine something that we all can be proud of as well as enjoy.  I
think that combining the best of TAG and some of Dave G's great ideas from
PAM we are going to end up with one great magazine!

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!


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