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Foreign Memberships

I have been corresponding with one of our members in India who sent me a
bunch of photos on CD which he donated to the AGA.  He has a group of
friends in
Bangalore who are all interested in planted tanks.  He was not really
complaining, but telling me of the difficulties getting good information,
and up until recently, getting PAM and TAG.  (I guess that until recently,
Indian government had some strange law that you couldn't use credit cards
for subscriptions)

Anyway, I was wondering if it made sense to offer some sort of deal to
groups in foreign countries, where if we could ship a certain number of
magazines to the same address, that we could offer them at a discounted
rate. (our current rate outside the U.S. has to be much higher because of
the added postage costs)
  I would think we'd save quite a bit on shipping that way, and we
could just pass the savings on to the members.

It might be a "reason" for hobbyists in other areas of the world to become a
little more organized and develop more of a community as well.

What do all you think?  Are some of the people on this list from outside the
U.S.?  Would you have enough people in your area interested in doing this?


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