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Hell Freezes Over: AGA Website Revamped; New TAG being Printed

Hiya folks,

Just heard word today from our production editor Cheryl that the new issue
of The Aquatic Gardener has gone to the printers.  This will be the first
issue the AGA has put out since June, and also the last issue printed in
(mostly) black & white, and is the first and last issue edited (I use that
term loosely) by yours truly.

You can preview the contents of this issue up on our NEWLY-REDESIGNED 
website.  Bye-bye algae-green background!  Hopefully you will find the new 
site is easier to navigate, and contains more useful information than its 

Make sure to check out the Bookstore/Back-Issue page, as we are now
officially the source of all the back issues of Planted Aquaria Magazine
(except issue #2, which is totally out of print) & have them available at
a great price.  Diana Walstad, our bookstore proprieter, has put together
some sweet package deals that will also help clear out her house of the
stockpile of back issues (now further complicated with the pallets of
PAM). :)  Both PAM and TAG have special sections on the website devoted to
complete article listings by issue (and for TAG, by author, completely
cross-referenced to the issues!), so you can more easily find the back
issue you are looking for.

As always, feedback is appreciated.


  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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