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RE: Botanical Illustration

Charley Bay wrote:

"It would be neat if a collection were available
for common species (like the Echinodorus poster
recently mentioned on the APD), or for species
commonly confused.  Of course, if we are talking
about a collection, it would be ideal if they
were all drawn in the same style so they would
be consistent amongst each other."

Well, if TRUTH be told, I do have an ulterior motive. I had mentioned many
moons ago about my desire to have some sort of a listing of ALL the
potential plant species which could be considered aquatic and of interest to
aquatic gardeners and have been doing a lot of reading and research in this
area. Along the way, I have seen some stunning botanical illustrations, but
they tend to be widely scattered and deeply buried in obscure books or
herbaria and not available to a wide audience. I hope eventully to pull all
of this information together in some form and make it more widely available
(how and when remains a mystery).

A good botanical illustration can be much more helpful in identifying a
plant than can any number of photographs, and a REALLY good botanical
illustration can and is worthy of consideration as "ART".

I just want to see more of it and am hoping that maybe the AGA Contest might
be a way to get botanical illustrations of the same plants we grow in our
aquariums and garden ponds seen by a wider audience.

"I know that wasn't the original purpose of the
contest... I'd love to see a nice potpuorri of
watercolor paintings of aquatic plants.  I tend
to gravitate towards the anal, though.  ;-)"

Hhahahahaha! Are you suggesting that we also set up a category for "bum

James Purchase

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