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the contest categories

Hi folks,

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From: "Greg Watson" <Greg.Watson@BrazeltonHotels.com>

> Considering the potential pool of entrants (over 1000 AGA members and over
> 1500 APD members), the number of people who actually make the effort to
> enter makes me wonder if all the work is really worth the bother.

For 20+ years I've heard the same question "is [it] really worth the
bother."  Time after time I've proven that special promotions, special
events, newsletters, etc. ... are always worth the bother.

For hundreds (possibly thousands using your number), the "opportunity"
to participate provides value to AGA membership.

There is a thrill about dreaming about being able to participate.  There
is a thrill after the fact looking at, and in some cases dreaming about
the pictures of the tanks that were entered and the winners.

Don't discount that intangible value that the contest gives to each and
every member.

The "flip side of the coin" is the promotional value that the contest
brings towards promoting the AGA itself.  This value is extraordinary.

My observations over the decades are that value (or worth) cannot be
judged by participation levels alone.

Of course, just my opinion ...

P.S.  Of course, I know your question was really focused on the two new
categories ... which I would encourage.  For 20+ years I've kept "fish
aquariums" ... My interest in planted aquariums was really renewed when
my wife and I were looking at a new house that I thought would be just
perfect for an outdoor pond.  I think your two new categories will catch
a lot of "fringe interests" of existing participants and broaden the
appeal to a broader audience.  Even if you only see a very small number
of participants, I would and will argue that value (worth) is very

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