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AGA Contest Question


The botanical illustration category sounds uninteresting. The garden pond
category sounds only semi-interesting. (Actually, it's fairly interesting,
but I tend to think of the AGA as an aquarium group, rather than a pond
group and think the category would be better served by some other group in
some other contest.)

As a sidebar regarding the low number of entries in previous contests, I
think that I know one reason why. As I recall, when the contest was
promoted, I saw the notifications and thought, "Cool! That sounds like fun!
I think I'll enter." Then I read the rules for the "contest" and saw
absolutely no mention of prizes. None! Say what? A contest with no prizes?
And you have to PAY to enter? And then AGA gets rights to your photos on
top of it? As someone who makes a living writing about and photographing
aquariums, I couldn't see the point. So I didn't enter. Others probably
felt the same.

Recently, I saw somewhere (after the fact) that some manufacturers had
donated prizes of some kind, but I swear none of that was promoted in
advance. Am I wrong? Failure to promote the prizes in a contest was a
severe oversight.

Anyway, line up some prizes ahead of time, and publicize them with the
contest announcement, and I think more will participate. :)

Mike Wickham
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