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Re: AGA Contest - Request for Input

I just had an idea. 

Why not have a "specimen" plant category of some type? More of an 
individualized focus on just one plant or grouping of plants exclusive of any 
artistic arrangement which some find intimidating Let's face it: not everyone 
is an underwater artist but I think everybody has at least one plant they can 
be proud of. Healthiest Crypt, best stem plant, reddest macrandra - that sort 
of thing. It could be even be a showcase category just to give folks the 
chance to put something up for others to look at and comment on.  

Instead of a diagram or layout, they can give specifics on origin, the 
conditions which produced the plant or other data they feel is relevant and 
would be useful to others.

Just a thought...

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach, FL
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