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"Where's My January-March 2002 TAG?"

"OK, I just got my April-June 2002 TAG---Where's my January-March 2002 

We've been getting a few letters like this in the last couple days. The
answer is: there isn't one. But don't worry, your membership has
effectively been extended. What happened is that our former editor stopped
publishing during the 2nd half of 2001. Rather than try to play six months
of catch-up, we made a decision to just cut bait and start with a new
issue for January-March 2002 (which was published and sent out around
March). But due to a communication error, mostly on my part, the last
issue was instead labeled "July-December 2001". To compensate for this,
there will only be three issues for the current volume 15, beginning with
the April-June issue.

If you haven't gotten the new issue, there's a preview on the website 

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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