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Car shuttles for the convention

Hi folks,

First off, in case you didn't read my post on the APD a few days ago, the 
"early" registration rate for the AGA convention ends in a couple weeks, 
so please get those forms in now... http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org has 
all the details.

Talking with my wife Kathy yesterday, a former Houston resident for four 
years, and one who's driven the vast freeway system there.  Given that 
it's a minimum 30-45 minute drive from the airport to the hotel, we 
thought that we'd offer to do some shuttles, save a few taxi fees, and get 
to meet old & new friends for the drive.

So here's the deal.  Reply if you're interested in kicking in a few bucks
(maybe $5 per person?) for a trip to and/or from the airport to the
convention, and we'll use it to get a better rental car (maybe even a
minivan).  Also let me know when your flight is so we can get an idea of
how many trips we're talking about.  Hope to see y'all at the convention
November 8th!

  - Erik

PS: TAG arrived today.  It's really nice.  Kudos to Karen and Cheryl, as 
well as all the authors.

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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