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Re: Aga Members List (fwd)

In a message dated 4/28/2003 10:48:50 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
shieber@yahoo.com writes:

> If that 48 seems daunting, why not set up a little 15
> gallon to start -- it can become a quarrantine tank later. 

Just wanted to add a quick comment in response to Scott...

I actually found it much easier to plant my larger 55 gallon than my 20 
gallon or either of my 10 gallon tanks.  The larger area keeps things from 
getting too cramped before you plant all the plants you want to put in.  

At least this is what I experienced.  Maybe others are better at setting up 
nice small tanks vs. nice bigger tanks.  I'm still working on that with my 
tens (oh, and also a 2 gallon that is a big overgrown mess).  :)

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