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RE: Aga Members List (fwd)

I've actually removed them but have left a piece of the
tuberous undergrowth behind (what is that thing really
called on an Echinodorus?) and had plants spring up from
the remains.  I originally bought three rubins and no
matter how many times I remove them, I sem to end up with
three again.  I just cut back to one plant two days ago. 
We'll see how long that last :-)

Do you use pots in your pond or is there a gravel/sand/soil

Scott H.
--- Torrance Haggerty <poice_1906@argolink.net> wrote:
> Scott,
> Yes I found a tank big enough for a rubin sword.  In
> Houston, Texas, we call
> them ponds.  I had to put by rubin and barthi out so they
> could really strut
> their stuff.  You could always just cut the rubin's base
> in half and start a
> new plant...
> Torrance

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